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Good Morning

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well. I wont talk for long as it is ZOOM DAY!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see as many of you as I can shortly.



We are going to share reflection in our zoom. 



Writing - I set you the task yesterday of creating an exciting story map from one of the videos of our book, The Pirate Cruncher. It is a double day task so carry on with this.



Arithmetic - Reflect on the learning yesterday. Can you compare groups of objects from around your home. Look at this picture for some help.  < 

Investigation - we are going to continue on with the addition theme and have a look at facts that are related to each other. We are going to be looking for links between similar addition statements. The video is here and the sheets are below.


PE - Be active today. Do what ever you what but just get up and be active!