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Listen to the reflection music (youtube):

While you are listening to the music just relax and focus on your breathing.


Write a message and send it to your fellow Griffins:



Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies


Story mapping 
 Listen to the book and think about the main events.  

 Sequence the events of the story using story mapping, drawing and annotating your map to show the events, drawing on your knowledge of the characters and how they have changed through the story.  

 Share your story map with someone at home, retelling the story in your own words.

If your family member can recall the story too take turns, adding missed bits of information, etc and editing your story maps accordingly as you work. 
You could explore ICT opportunities by considering how you might show events in the story in order to promote the book as a book trailer. Look at other book trailer examples on the internet ( is a good example) and consider what to include, and more importantly what to leave out, so that you don’t give away too much of the story. 



LO: Add mixed numbers

Pages 25 and 26, work through examples together and look at the mathematical talk section.

Classroom secrets hmk pages. Choose Developing, Expected or Greater Depth level. (see below)



Using secondary sources research – How do amphibians (newts) develop as they get older?

Watch the amazing video of an Alpine Newt developing from an egg:

National Geographic -



Choose how you will present the information you find out about the newt's lifecycle.


Listen carefully to the video that will appear below (mid morning) and you will know the different stages of the Newt's lifecycle. This will support you in your task.

The Video can be found by going to the 'Children' section of the site then the 'Video Resources Centre' which is at the bottom of that menu.

I hope you find it!

Additional resources to support Maths and GPS