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Friday Home Learning- Hobbits Class


Good Morning! Happy Last Day of Term!

Please email the Hobbits email address with ANYTHING you have been up to I miss you all.


Guess what today is!

Your first task of the day it to get dressed up into some party clothes! 

We can't be together but that can't stop us having a party.



Create any piece of writing you love most whether it be a story, poem, instructions, report, diary entry but the theme is BIRTHDAYS! 

Think of all the different features for each type of writing. here is a link that will help you with all the types of texts you could ask for. 

Make them colourful and exciting I can't wait to read them.



I have a challenge for you. I need a birthday party planned but I only have £20. 


Here are the options of things I can buy. 

Bunting and Lights - £10

Candles - £1

Cake - £5

Earrings - £15

Card - 50p

Balloons - £2.50

Dress - £9


How many different combinations of birthday party can I have?

What is the combination with the most amount of items?

What is the combination with the least amount of items?


Challenge: How much change would I have for all of the versions you have found?



Can you make up your own party game. 

You need to:

  • Write the rules of the game
  • Any equipment you may need 
  • How many people can play
  • Age range of people who can play


Make the game as fun as you can (please be sensible with it though!) 


Just a Bit of Fun

Here is a party playlist, put it on and have a dance with the people at home, be silly, be happy and have a lovely day.


Reading Comprehension

Take your book on a walk with you today, when you find a place that is safe and you can social distance sit down and read with the grown ups you are with. Read for as long as you can! If you don't want to go out and are lucky enough to have a garden sit and read to a grown up there. Make sure you have sun cream on! 



Join in with Joe Wicks! He is doing live PE lessons on his YouTube Channel every morning at 9am. Don’t worry if you miss it- they are available all day.

Or you can do a Cosmic Kids Yoga if you want to be more relaxed but still exercising.


Thank you so much to all of you who came to my Zoom catch up was so lovely to see so many of my Hobbits! I am going to make these more regular so that we can go over parts of the learning you may not have understood. I will be doing one in the holidays as a consolidation of this term. There will be the links on the app when it is planned. 


I have had a lovely suggestion from Emilia to create a class video where you have a note on a piece of paper that you throw to next Hobbits by putting it into a paper aeroplane. I would love you to write your favourite quote from the bible to help keep everyone smiling. I am happy to put all the videos together but I would love to see all of you faces! Please keep sending them in if you haven't done them already!


Have a lovely half term Hobbits, I miss you very much. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me I hope you had fun. 

Stay safe, stay amazing and remember how much everyone at Stella Maris loves you (it's a lot by the way). Keep in contact!


Lots of love,

Miss Storti xx