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Friday: Good Morning Unicorns,


Remember today we have our Unicorns Zoom video chat planned for 3:30pm - Hope to see you all. Details have gone out on the app. Please email Miss Moore if you need the details. 


*See at the bottom of the page Message from Miss Moore RE: Half-Term and Leavers Hoodies. 



What did the sea say to the pirate?

Nothing, it just waved!


It’s Friday – yay! An arithmetic test for you too today – it is the PiXL summer test 4. I have attached it below for you all. Good luck Unicorns.


I would like you to be ‘Rocking all over the world’ today with the legendary Status Quo -  Log in to your TT Rockstars account and rock out whilst you practise those times tables.



How are you getting on with your lockdown diary?  Remember any work can be sent on to me to check through mail 

I have attached the PowerPoint for it below again.

You will see there are also pages for Saturday and Sunday - you can work on these today as extra or save them as activities to complete during the half term. It would be so nice to collect in and see your diaries at some point. laugh



Some time reading a book of your own choice – spend 30 minutes quietly reading today. If it is sunny try and get out in the garden to read in a nice quiet spot.heart



Look again at the activities on Kent School Games: I have picked three for you to choose from. You could do 1, 2 or all 3 of them. If you do not like any of these have a look at the website and pick out a fitness activity for yourself.


Chalk activity trail -


Star Jump Challenge (How many can you complete in one minute?) -


Speed Bounce challenge (using toilet rolls) -


Bit of fun: laugh

I have discovered this show during lockdown and it is hilarious! You may have seen it already but if not check out ‘The Zoo’ on CBBC.

It is a comedy series about life at the zoo, from the viewpoint of the animals. (It’s so funny – and has a loose link to our science work from this term – sort of!)


Here’s a link to the CBBC page too -


We have reached the end of a term – a complete term of home learning!  I cannot believe how quickly it has gone, well done to you all for your hard work and dedication to working from home.  I wish you all a very safe and happy half-term week off. Please remember you can still email me and let me know what fun things you are getting up to at home.  Please keep a watch for the school app with any information regarding the school opening as of June 1st 2020.

Big hugs and love to you all – I hope to see many of your lovely faces very soon. Take care and stay safe. heart

Love, Miss Moore. xxx

Leavers Hoodies  laughheart

For you our wonderful Unicorns the end of year is fast approaching and it is usual for around this time for you to start thinking about a keepsake for each of you to take when you leave. Mrs Harrison has very kindly offered to help organise the Leavers Hoodies. 

One design has been found - it could be dark blue, with the school logo and each child's name inside a big 20 (representing the year) for roughly £13.00. 


Mrs Tidd will set up a Parent Pay and she needs to know by today! Today! laugh if you are interested in ordering one, including which size you would need. Any questions or queries please just contact Mrs Harrison : who will be happy to help you.