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Friday 3rd

Good Morning

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and getting ready for your Easter break. Today is the last day of daily work until after Easter. On Monday, I will put up the challenges for the Easter break. Have an amazing Easter; remember to keep well and safe.



Question: How are you being grateful and thankful at this time? How are you showing it?



Guided Reading – You have a free day today. Pick any activity you have already done to do again or make up your own thing to do. The choice is yours.

Writing – Today is the final day of our writing challenge. We are going to have a go at writing our stories! You can do this with the help of an adult or by yourself or with some help; it is up to you!

Phonics – As we are doing a big write, I’m not going to set any phonics work. If you would like to do your spellings you can but focus more on your writing.



Arithmetic – Follow this link: There is a button at the bottom to select all the year 2 statements you need to practice.

Challenge – We have got to the end of exploration measure for now. We have been able to explore length (cm and m), mass (g and Kg), capacity (ml and L) and time (minutes and hours). There is a little booklet of questions to see how much you can remember on each of these topics.


PE – I would like you to have a go at creating your own active hide and seek. Below are some activity prompt cards, you can print these out, copy or make up your own. One person hides them around your home, inside and then everyone else playing goes as a group to find the card. When you find one of the hidden cards, you do that activity. Keep going until you find all the cards and then another person can go and hide them while you take a break.


Music – I am going to give you no help or advice for this challenge, just what you need to do. The challenge is this: build an instrument.