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Daily reflection + music

Good morning Pixies 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 

We have reached the last day of the term! Well done for all your hard work to continue learning as best you can and a big thank you to your families for supporting you to do this! Happy Friday 🌟 

How will you show kindness today?



Let’s have some Friday fun with our reading today. Can you create a little reading nook or den somewhere in your house to read a book of your choice today?! We bet you miss our book corner so have a go at creating your own! You could use cushions, blankets and cuddly toys. You might want to create this space outside. We would love to see photos of your reading snugs! Enjoy 📚 



Spelling flowers. Draw or print a flower outline like below. Write ea (as in sea) in the centre of your flower. Now add words to each petal that include the ea sound. Choose another sound from the link below if you want to do another! This will also help if you get a bit stuck! 

Science and Art

This week our Science and Art is combined! Think about the rainbow and all the colours. Can you go on a rainbow nature hunt to see if you can find every colour of the rainbow within nature? Are you able to identify everything you spot? Do not touch anything unless an adult says it is safe to do so. Use the template below (just print the first page) or record this in your own individual way. There is also an example of how I did it with Ivy and Ruby :-)