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Daily reflection + short clip ( Colour Your World With Kindness)

Color Your World With Kindness



If you previously set up an Oxford Owl account, choose a book to read. This website is good as it will give you access to non-fiction books too. If you haven’t managed to set this up yet, the link is:

Alternatively, choose a story you know really well and see if you can retell it and add some actions!


Play a game of “Floor is Lava” to practise reading the months of the year. This might be best done in the front room using blankets and cushions. Ask a grown up to write each month on a separate piece/slip of paper. Scatter cushions and blankets around the front room and add spellings on top so they are visible. Ask your adult to shout a month of the year and you need to get to it as quickly as possible without stepping on the lava (the floor!). If you use any cushions as stepping stones as you go, you must read that month out loud! Have fun! 


Warm up for Phonics by joining in with this alphabet song:

Now have a go at creating your own alphabet. Try and use both lower case and upper case letters if you can. You could do this using chalks outside or on the computer - the more creative the better! Then display it somewhere useful heart



Last week we asked you to think about the different parts of plants. Today we are going to think about roots. Watch this short clip below:


If you able to, with an adult, have a go at investigating some roots in your garden. Pull up a weed in your garden, being careful to keep the roots intact. See if you can find the roots, maybe use a magnifying glass to look more closely. You could even pop the weed into a clear container of water to clear away some of the soil. Can you draw a picture or take a photograph of what you find? Make sure you give your hands a really good wash afterwards!



Can you create a piece of Art using natural materials? Below are some ideas. Ivy made the dandeLION picture (we did use a bit of cardboard and a pen!) Don't forget to take a photograph of your wonderful creations. You might like to print them out and frame them in the future. We can't wait to see them! This should be a lovely end to your "school" week! Well done for working so hard Pixies but remember the most important thing is to be happy and healthy. Stay safe everyone.

Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell & Mrs Welsh xxx