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Friday 27th

Good Morning

And this is the first week done! I want to take this time to thank you for you perseverance and resilience at this time! You have all clearly all shown the school values of love, care, share, respect and trust. I am so proud of you all. Keep going Elves!



Reflection today, at some point go outside anywhere and if you can or just look out of the window and stare at the clouds.



Phonics – As it is Friday, it would be spelling test day. So if you still want to do it then that is your task for today. You can either just have the words read to you or ask an adult to put them into sentences. Or you can just practice them again. Your choice!

Writing – Having listened to the Pattan’s Pumpkin story a few times and story mapped it I would love for you to do a shared write with someone. I would like you to retell the story as you can remember it. Take it in turns to write a sentence and present it however you would like.

Reading – Pick your favourite book out of all the ones you have and just enjoy sitting and reading it again. Can you tell the story without having to use the words?



Arithmetic – Practice your dividing together. Collect an amount of toys, cards or anything from around your house. Try and sort the amount of things you have collected into different groups.

Challenge – Play with jugs, mugs, cups and anything you can put water in. Write down 5 things you find out. Can be anything such as it takes 5 mugs to fill the vase to the top.


Music – I want you to play and listen to your favourite song. Sing along, have a dance or do whatever you want to whilst listening to it. It would be brilliant to see some pictures or videos of you doing this.


PE – If you have been doing the Joe Wicks activities in the morning you will know he does his activities in groups of 5. I would like you to create your own 5 activity circuit and have ago at doing it with your families.