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Friday 24th

Good Morning

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping safe and well. Thank you for the learning you have been sending to me for the website and to share with the rest of Elves. Sorry I haven’t responded to anyone in the last few days, I haven’t been well but know I am getting it and will reply to you as soon as I am feeling better.


Be Excited! Be Creative! Be the Best!



Knowing that God has a plan for everyone and everything, reflect on what you would like to do when you are older. How can you get there?



Guided Reading – Read through the whole of chapter 1. What do you think is going to happen next? Make three predictions about what may happen in the rest of the book.

Writing – Today is our big write day. I want you to bring all the skills and research we have done together this week into your writing. You need to create a fact file about a hedgehog. Remember to use sub headings, tell the facts and add some great pictures with labels. If you need a reminder and some help go back to the WAGOLL website from Wednesday.

SPAG – There isn’t a set PSAG task today as I would like you to focus more on your writing. If you would like to do a SPAG activity however then follow the link here to the conjunction game.



Arithmetic – We are going to work on some division today. There are some pages below to work through. Remember that dividing is sharing out.

Open Task – You have all done really well learning about and exploring tally charts and frequency tables. Your over the weekend task is to create a tally chart of your family’s birth months. Ask as many people as you can in your families to fill it in. Then answer these 2 questions. Which is the most popular month and which is the least popular month?


Music – I would love you to listen to the music in the video on this web page How does it make you feel? What images come to mind? Draw and create whatever the music inspires you to do.


PE – Let’s have a throwback Friday for PE today. Do you remember our absolutely fantastic assembly in Term 4!?! We sang and danced to Fight Song by Kidz Bop. The link is here and I want you to sing, dance, shout and enjoy your way through the song. Get everyone in your home to do it together as well!