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Friday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Frogs drink water through their skin!


TT Rockstars – it’s Friday so get logged on a rock out! If you are having trouble logging on or need work setting please email me so I can help you. Today’s rock tune is – Starship ‘We built this city’ It’s a good one!



Imagine you are Charles Darwin, off on a voyage of scientific discovery aboard the HMS Beagle.

Write an extract from his diary describing part of the journey.



30 minutes of reading you own book.


Friday Fun activities:

After a busy week I thought I would give you a choice of an activity to complete today.

You have two to choose from:


  • Look through the work you have on the GalĪ¬pagos Islands that Charles Darwin visited.Design your own island, including a key to help people find their way around.


  • Put together a survival kit for Charles Darwin if he were to go on an expedition today.



  • Do you have an idea of your own? An idea that reflects on the learning from this week.



I would like to create a tab on our Unicorns page on the website full of prayers. I know that you are all wonderful at writing prayers and it would be wonderful to have a seletion on the website for other children to read and access during this difficult time at home.

If you write a prayer and you would like to share it with everyone then please send it to me via this email address:


The weekend is here once again. Hopefully the sun continues to shine – the weather is bringing us such joy and hope during our time at home. Big love and hugs to you all my lovely class.  Love, Miss Moore. xxheart