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Friday 22nd

Good Morning

Hello everyone, I hope you are all ok and looking forward to your week of rest next week. When we return to school, I will be hosting zoom meetings for us all to join, see and speak together, much like Mrs Huotari’s assembly on Wednesday. Keep an eye out for the instructions. If you need me for anything at all, to talk, to chat, to discuss home learning, to ask advice, to seek clarification or for any reason at all please email. I endeavour to email everyone back. My address is Have a fantastic half term and I will speak to you all soon!



Build your den or quiet place and reflect on what the picture is telling.



Guided Reading – I realise yesterday that I said I would upload the entire book but I forgot. I am sorry, it is below I promise.

Writing – We are going to finish off the term with our writing in the role of Max, we are going to go and explore the amazing parks you designed and created on Monday. Remember you are Max so use I in your writing. Use all the language and story maps you were able to put together in the week to help your writing.



Investigation – to finish your recapping of time, I would like you to create a timetable of your day. Think about what happens; waking up, breakfast, bath, play, learning, lunch, dinner, tv time, tablet time, lego time etc. etc. What time do these things happen? You can present and create your timetable in any way you wish. Make them as bright and as colourful as you can.