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Daily reflection and music

Good morning Pixies! Happy Friday and Hello May!

As we start a new month, think about the quote above whilst listening to the music which you should recognise.
You and your families are doing a wonderful job, in the most difficult of circumstances! We miss you ever so much and we look forward to all being reunited soon. Until then, stay safe :-)




heart Choose a story that you really enjoy and act it out using "props" that you can find around the house - like I did for The Tiger Who Came To Tea (you can find this under video resource centre if you haven't seen it)


Handwriting & fine motor skills

heart Being at home for a prolonged period of time is a really good opportunity to practise some important skills. Today let's practise our cutting skills (with an appropriate pair of scissors under adult supervision). Ask your grown up to collect some bits and bobs from around the house that you are able to cut! You might wish to make something too. Below is an example of things I gathered for my daughters...Ivy made a vampire would you believe it! 


heart Now can you practise writing the days of the week in your MOST BEAUTIFUL handwriting. Make sure you spell them correctly and record them in order!



heart Warm up for Phonics by joining in with this different alphabet song.


heart Now we're going to use our ten words that you hopefully saved from yesterday. Lay them out face down or fold them in half. Take it in turns with an adult or brother/sister to pick a word, read it out loud and to think of a sentence to use it in. Once you have finished the game, choose three sentences that you would like to record in writing. 


Watch this video clip about different plants. 

How many different plants do you have in your garden? (or your local area)

Sometimes Scientists answer questions by doing a survey and counting numbers of things. Today you are going to be Scientists and answer the question above by investigating and counting. Have a look in your garden to see how many different plants you have. Or alternatively how many different plants you can see on a local walk. Make sure you do this with a grown up and only touch plants that you know are safe. You can download a handy app called Plant Snap which is really useful if you are unsure!



Collect some interesting leaves to make crayon rubbing pictures with. Make sure leaf is placed upside down under your piece of paper. Rub crayon. Can you experiment with different colours? Once you have experimented can you create a finished piece of Art using this technique? If you do not have any crayons at home, use your leaves to create a picture instead.  


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. You are all doing SUCH a great job :-)


Love from Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx