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Friday 1st

Good Morning

Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe as always. I hope you are all enjoying the learning challenges I am setting for you and you are getting to do. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to do more of then send them to me and I will plan them in.



If we love each other then we want to do the right thing and say sorry when we have not. Give everyone at home a hug and let him or her know how much you love them.



Guided Reading – You can have a free choice reading day. Read anything you would like and do any challenges you would like as well. You can read with someone or alone. The day is yours.

Writing – We are going to have a big write day today. We are going to bring all of our week this into our instructions. The instructions I would like you to write are about crossing the road, theme you have all been exploring. Remember you need to include a title, start each instruction with an ordering word such as first, next, then, after. You need to include an imperative verb to tell us what to do as well. I really look forward to reading your sets of instructions.

SPAG – To conclude our work on suffixes there is a game I would like you to explore. You need to join the puzzle pieces that show root and suffix together to make whole words. Good Luck!



Arithmetic and Problem Solving – Below there is a little booklet all about data, the topic we have been learning about for the last two weeks. It will explore all the areas we have already covered, tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. Make sure you read through everything really carefully and explore all the information! Good Luck!


Music – The video here is an old campaign to help children learn about crossing the road. It has 2 hedgehogs walking along the path but it looks really old now. Can you create a new video to go with the song? It could be a dance, an animation or anything you want it to be.