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Good morning Pixies. Wishing you a fun Friday - enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

You've Got a Friend In Me (from Toy Story)

Good Morning Pixies and Happy Friday :-)




Choose a book to share with someone in your family. Think about these questions:

* Who is the main character and what are they like? Could you draw a picture of them from memory (without looking!)

* Where does the story take place?



Click on the tab that says 'Press to record some writing' and ask an adult to write Friday for you. Watch this play back and practise writing Friday on paper. 



Can you practise this tricky sound 'ure'? Talk to your grown up about the meaning of the words in the video. Can you think of your own silly sentence or sentences using them? Other 'ure' words include vulture and figure.


Can you have a go at making a paper chain like below using words that we need to be able to read and spell? This one belongs to Ivy and I'm sure she would love to see your versions :-)






house, come, there, were, friend, said, some, they, here, school


Our new Science topic this term is Plants. 

Let's start by watching this clip:

Now watch it again but this time can you jot down (using either pictures or words) what a plant needs to grow. Next go and explore the environment around you - what plants can you see? You could investigate in your garden or do this as part of your daily walk outside the house with an adult. Take a clipboard and a pencil, or a notebook and a pen or take photographs as you go . Please email us your findings :-) 



Whilst you are exploring your garden or local area, could you safely collect some natural objects e.g. interesting leaves, daisies, dandelions, pinecones and then have a go and printing with them using paint! See the example below and have fun smiley



Wishing everyone a happy weekend. Stay safe.


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx