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Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Number four is the only one with the same amount of letters.



TT Rockstars – It’s that time again to log on and rock out! Have a go alongside the amazing Queen -



You will need a dictionary for this task / or you may use a computer. I have attached an Evolution and Inheritance Glossary. I would like you to write the  definitions alongside each word. This will be really useful for the rest of the term and it would be good to learn these words.

For an extra challenge see if a grown up can test you on the spellings of the words in the Glossary list.



30 minutes of reading you own book.



Who is this lady?


Can you research who Mary Anning was?


There were three tasks to complete yesterday. Make sure you have had a go at completing all three please.



Can you write an acrostic poem using the word ‘RESURRECTION’ ? This would be a good way to end our learning on the Easter Story.

Raised from the dead.

Eternal life in Jesus Christ our heavenely Lord.

Sent by Our Father, his son would be the saviour of the world

Ultimate sacrifice.



Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! J Missing you all so much. Take care and I look forward to hearing how you have all been getting on.  Love, Miss Moore. xxblushheart