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Daily reflection

Good morning Pixies and happy Friday to you! Well done to you and your families for working together this week when you would normally be at school. We have been so lucky to have such beautiful weather - Spring has most definitely sprung! Have you spotted any signs around you?

We love to start the day with our good morning song!


smiley On Fridays we usually have a little spelling test. Hopefully you have had chance to practise your spellings this week. Can you ask a grown up to test you and see how you get on? Don't worry if you haven't (it's been a funny old week!) spend this time practising them instead!

smiley If you don't have the list of spellings, pick some familiar words out of your reading book to practise spelling instead!



smiley Yesterday we posted a link for Oxford Owl - a brilliant resource for free access to school reading scheme books. If you didn't manage to do this yesterday, ask your grown up if you could set this up today. It takes no time at all and then you can pick a book from the ebook library.

smiley If you are unable to do this, pick a book from home to enjoy with somebody. Look carefully at the illustrations - is there anything that you have never noticed before? Are there any interesting words that you like?



smiley We have recently learnt the 'aw' sound - practise writing yawn, draw, claw, paw, crawl, lawn. You can help your brain remember them by drawing a picture to go with each word. Write some sentences using all these words. You could try a silly question like 'Can you claw with a paw?' - these usually make us laugh lots in school don't they?! 



heart We would like you to finish your story 'Mrs Huotari's scarf'. So you need to make sure you know exactly where Mrs Huotari's scarf is going to end up in Folkestone!


heart The pages below are from 'The Queen's Hat' which is what our stories are based on. The author has used the interesting language 'Until at last...' perhaps you would like to use this or something similar for the end of your story! It was also a funny ending because the Queen's hat landed on a pram which a baby ended up wearing!


heart Don't forget to email your finished stories to us as we would like to send some on to Mrs Huotari herself! 


enlightenedIn the last couple of weeks we have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Can you remember what they all eat? Look at the poster below if you can't remember.


enlightenedWatch the clip about food chains. Have a go at creating a food chain. You could use an example from the clip or research another one. You could record this using paper and pens, on the computer, on some recycled card - anything goes! 



Wishing all of our lovely Pixies and families a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and look after one another.


Love from 

Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh heart