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Daily Reflections

Reflection Themes and activities


Message from Miss Moore


“Take a good look at God’s wonders – they will take your breath away.”

Psalm 66.5


This week our reflections will be based on awe and wonder.

Start your day by reflecting on one of these questions, completing a reflection activity or listening to music of your choice.


Reflective Questions.

Do you know what awe means?

What in the world makes you wonder?

What wonders in this world do you think are the most beautiful of God’s creation?

Who in this world are you in awe of / you inspires you?


Reflective activities.

Write a prayer to God of thankfulness for all the natural and beautiful wonders in the world.

Write a poem which has the title ‘Awe and Wonder’.

Draw an art piece of your own – it’s title will be ‘Awe and Wonder.’