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Daily Reflections

Reflection Themes and activities

Message from Miss Moore – I hope you all had a good first week at home. It’s been so lovely to hear from some of you and to see the work you’ve been up to. I hope you found these reflection themes useful. It would be great to see any photos you have of reflection areas you have created at home. I wish you all a safe and happy second week at home. Remember I am thinking of you all and I am here if you need me. Take care and Stay at home! Love, Miss Moore. x













It’s the start of a new week: reflect on everything you want to achieve this week. Maybe make a list that you can tick off as you achieve them


Remember – never give up.



Think about those who are more vulnerable than you; ask God to watch other them in these difficult times.




Show great LOVE today. Call a member of your family, a grandparent aunt or uncle. Let them know they are in your thoughts.


How else can you show great love?



Keep going Unicorns.

“ Work hard and be humble”


Take 5 minutes to be completely still; enjoy this time of peace and still reflection before the day ahead.





Find time to SHARE today.


How have you shared with your family this week?