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Charity Fundraising

Lent Fundraising

Lent is all about Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving - this year our Almsgiving efforts are focused on raising money for CAFOD's 'What's your Goal?' project.


More than one football pitch of rainforest in the Amazon is being lost every minute.  CAFOD is raising money to help stop this by supporting communities in the Amazon, to defend their land and save their homes.

Advent Fundraising

Our Advent Fundraising effort in December 2019 was in aid of the homeless.  Contributions collected via the Advent Breakfast, Christmas Jumper Day and collections after the Christmas Play and the Carol Concert amounted to a fantastic £639.  Thanks to everyone in the community, children, staff, parents and others, who helped us with our fundraising.


In addition, a huge thank you for all the Tesco bags that were donated for the Helping the Homeless and Vulnerable (Salvation Army).   The Sunshine Team handed over 75 bags generously given from the Stella Maris community.