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Thursday 26th

Good Morning

So, we have got over the first half a week and hope you are all doing well. It has been absolutely amazing to talk to some of you over email and I encourage you all to just say hi.



Question: How can you refresh the lives of those around you?



Reading – I would like you to read your book and come up with 5 questions you could ask someone else about it. Try to use a range of different question openers such as who, what, where, when, why and how.

Writing – Yesterday we shared the video of Pattan’s Pumpkins being read to us and hopefully did some fantastic drama together. Today I would like you story map the events of that story. A story map is little pictures or sentences joined together with arrows that tell the story in order. I have included some examples below for you.


Phonics – You can have a chill day and enjoy yourself with the games and activities found on phonicsplay. Play and do what you would like on there. Have fun! Remember you can login for free using march20  and  home.



Arithmetic – At the bottom of the page are some subtraction questions to try out. Remember, you have the answer to the question already; you need to find the missing number instead!

Challenge – There are 2 sets of cards below. One is a set of different glasses; the other is a set of clues. You need to try to put the glasses in order using the clues. If you would like further information on the challenge then visit nrich website on the link here


RE – We have been learning and exploring the events of Holy Week. We had reached Easter Sunday. A very special day in the life of all Catholics around the world. I would like you to research what happened on Easter Sunday and create a piece of artwork that the story inspires you to make. Your artwork can be anything at all: a sculpture, a collage, a painting, a drawing or a piece of textile work! The choice is completely up to you!